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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nadeem Kazi's Life-changing Book

Life-changing Book of Motivational Quotes


About The Book:
This book will help you take stand and live life of your dreams. With its every page, it brings along valuable insights to create a remarkable transformation in almost every area of your life like- Success, Health, Relationships, Spiritual growth and many more.
Over last many years Nadeem has shared these quotes with thousands of people from over 65 countries. Now is your turn, to transform your life forever, forever!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sucess Stories with Nadeem Kazi's Unlock The Extraordinary workshop

Success Stories

“I don't have any words to say something about "Nadeem"...he is truly an excellent trainer i ever seen in my life.. i personally became totally changed after attending Nadeem’s seminar… his sessions are very joyful and energetic, a true life transformer!...young , energetic and charming ...words are less to express his highness. Hats off to you! I feel proud to have in my life...God bless!!!”
-Kiran Mane,

Area Manager, Wellness Forever and The Dearest Friend
Shilpa S. Pawar (MCA)
Because of this course I became more confident. In my college, I can ask my doubts confidently…I learned what life is & to be HAPPY in here and now. Each session unfolded in a beautiful way, to teach me new things about life. I added positivity as well as creativity to all that I think and do. Because of meditation my life has changed… Most important thing is I can crack my interview confidently & can get placed in good company..
Thank you sir! for changing my life. 
 Shreya Kausahal (Director, Cerise watches)
Three C’s of life:
Choices, Chances and Changes …..
                  You must make choice to take chance or your life will never change.
I made a choice to join Nadeem sir’s classes early this year. His sessions encouraged me to take chances, to listen to my inner voice and to see things positively. I could see positive changes in my life in few sessions.
               Nadeem sir is very approachable and you can relate to his style of teaching, as it is fun and innovative. You can sense his positive energy as soon as you enter his class. 
               He makes every effort to make his students comfortable and to bring them out of their shells. My biggest learning from his has been to be crazy, to let loose and to think out of box. His formulas on life can be applied in every aspect to make a happy and successful living.
L. Niketha (PhD)
This course helped me to believe in myself; today I am more confident and smart enough to take charge of my life. I am experiencing peace of mind with meditation and became more aware to receive intuitions; I have seen miracles happening in my life!!!!
 Murari Mahala (Management student)
Joining this course has made me more confident and helped me to get through GDPI easily!!!  Unlock the extraordinary added a new dimension of creativity and positivity to my personality.

Dishant Parakh (Engineering student)
Course was truly amazing!!! I enjoyed a lot during sessions; I got to learn many new things which I could not have learned anywhere else. Most important thing is today I am more confident, more effective and I can speak to a group of people confidently!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Go ahead, make the change

Begin a new life with NEW YOU
                              "I am beginning new life in a new way here and NOW"
If we make positive changes everyday, our life will be beyond our wildest expectation. Take a step everyday and make a habit of becoming better everyday. If you have read it today, ask yourself, what is that I can improve today? Trust your inner instinct and take a step towards BETTER YOU.
                                                                                                         -Nadeem Kazi

Friday, August 5, 2011

A step towards Better you

--> Get up with Courage
Get with Enthusiasm
Get up with a Rich, Royal, Genuine and Sweet Smile,
Get up with feeling of Gratitude
Get up and take first step towards Better You!
                            - Nadeem Kazi, Author and Life Coach

My daily Affirmation to lead a better life

"I already live a life filled with Joy, Zest, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Smile, Laughter, Love, Trust, Acceptance and Gratitude"
Read this loudly and repeat it as much as you can, your life will be beautiful for sure. Finally our life is what we believe.
-Nadeem Kazi