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Shreya Kausahal (Director, Cerise watches)
Three C’s of life:
Choices, Chances and Changes …..
                  You must make choice to take chance or your life will never change.
I made a choice to join Nadeem sir’s classes early this year. His sessions encouraged me to take chances, to listen to my inner voice and to see things positively. I could see positive changes in my life in few sessions.
               Nadeem sir is very approachable and you can relate to his style of teaching, as it is fun and innovative. You can sense his positive energy as soon as you enter his class. 
               He makes every effort to make his students comfortable and to bring them out of their shells. My biggest learning from his has been to be crazy, to let loose and to think out of box. His formulas on life can be applied in every aspect to make a happy and successful living.
Dr. L. Niketha (M.Sc. PhD)
This course helped me to believe in myself; today I am more confident and smart enough to take charge of my life. I am experiencing peace of mind with meditation and became more aware to receive intuitions; I have seen miracles happening in my life!!!!
Dr. Abhijeet Yadav (MBBS)
It’s my goodness to get an opportunity for personal counseling session with Nadeem kazi. It’s always inspiring to talk to him, counseling sessions have helped me to solve my personal problems and helped me to add more positivity to my life.
Shilpa S. Pawar (MCA)
Because of this course I became more confident. In my college, I can ask my doubts confidently…I learned what life is & to be HAPPY in here and now. Each session unfolded in a beautiful way, to teach me new things about life. I added positivity as well as creativity to all that I think and do. Because of meditation my life has changed… Most important thing is I can crack my interview confidently & can get placed in good company..
Thank you sir! for changing my life. 
Murari Mahala (Management student)
Joining this course has made me more confident and helped me to get through GDPI easily!!!  Unlock the extraordinary added a new dimension of creativity and positivity to my personality.

Dishant Parakh (Engineering student)
Course was truly amazing!!! I enjoyed a lot during sessions; I got to learn many new things which I could not have learned anywhere else. Most important thing is today I am more confident, more effective and I can speak to a group of people confidently!!!
Saroj Bhagat (IT professional)
Nadeem sir is very good trainer who knows how to make things simple and easy. His workshop has helped me to increase my confidence level.
Mohhomad (PhD)
I am thankful to Nadeem sir that he taught me English. He is the best teacher I ever had in my entire life. I learned to Smile, learned to laugh. Life is good with smile on face.
Rajesh Mergewar (Agriculture Officer)
Whatever I learned here is very special. Rules in class are very interesting specially Chocolates by late comers. I think nobody can teach with such a great confidence. I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. It was wonderful learning experience.
Vanita Bhosle (BSc Agriculture)
This course has helped me to become more positive by focusing on positive part of my life. I am more confident than before, now I can give presentations effectively.
Savita Bhingarde (BSc Agriculture)
This course has made a new beginning in my life. Now I am confident with good communication skills. I am more energetic and positive than before.
Jyoti Mergewar (Agriculture Officer)
It was great learning experience. Techniques I learned here are simply great. I know that they are going to help me to achieve greater success and to lead my life towards greater achievement.
Munna Patel (M.A. International Relationships)
I got lot of confidence and positive things from this course. Sir's teaching style is unique and special like Aamir Khan in Tare Zameen Par.
Omkar (HSC Student)
After joining Nadeem Sir's workshop my vocabulary has increased. Now I can speak good English with everyone without any fear.

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